Exceed your expectations!

EVERLOY pioneered descaling nozzles that just got even better. As  an industry trendsetter, EVERLOY just raised the standard again by introducing the DNEX descaling nozzle technology.

The DNEX technology follows in the footsteps of the DNX descaling nozzle that was introduced in 2006 and developed a strong acceptance by steelmakers around the world.

The new DNEX is the resultat of higher expectations from the worlds leading steelmakers that will enable them to meet the new grades of alloys and steels.

With energy costs rising, demand for difficult grades coming on strong and an increased need for environmentally friendly systems, EVERLOY's  DNEX technology will meet and exceed your expectations!


                                        DNEX Technology











 DNX general pic

DNR general pic

DNM general pic

DNK general pic

DNH general pic

Descaling old pic