SWM has been supplying and maintaining complete spray drying installations since the early 50’s of the previous millennium.

In the early days only drying with rotary atomisers (wheel atomisation), later high pressure nozzles were added to the scope of supply.

Over 60 years of experience and development in spray drying technology!


All these years of being active in the field of spray drying has given SWM the possibility of guiding operators and process technologists in all spray dry related issues, either problems solving, or improving overall spray dryer performance. 

SWM has built expertise on the following subjects:

- Spray droplet engineering

- Bulkdensity changes

- Counter measures against build-up of product on dryer walls/ceiling and nozzle face

- Materials of wear parts. Our standard material outperforms all commonly supplied so called wear parts.

- Fines reduction technology

- EU and FDA approved materials


A solid partner for process engineers and operators.


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Basic Spray Drying Scheme

Hot air and liquid product flow into the dry chamber

Vaporized fluid mixed with cooled air flows out of the dry chamber and powderized residu is contained