Diamond is the hardest material used for industrial applications known to man. The material has extreme resistance to wear and is the focus of many research projects in recent years. Although synthetic diamond parts have long been applied for use in machining operations, such as sawing, grinding, milling and drilling, the introduction as a wear part in many other industrial application has been slow. The assumed brittleness, which does hold for natural diamond, is a misconception. Until now, it has been a major obstacle for introduction of components of synthetic diamond in other applications.

SWM has expertise in spray applications and associated fluid dynamics. Concerning spray drying and spray drying nozzles already almost 50 years.

We manage the engineering and production of defined internal geometries of diamond plates. This opens up possibilities for long life nozzles for high pressure fluid applications, particularly where abrasive media may be used.

IMPROVING EFFICIENCY THROUGH PROCESS USE OF DIAMONDS NOZZLES - SWM has developed spray drying nozzles from synthetic diamond.

Life time extension of 10 to infinity times. These long life nozzles offer special benefits when working with abrasive, corrosive or toxic media.

Noteworthy is also the reduction of build-up in the case of spray drying of media containing soft materials.

MBG 620 4C   Tegel Industrial Diamond Nozzles   diamond nozzle 2  

Diamond nozzles and components manufactured from natural or industrial diamond.


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