Successes created by SWM

Spray Drying 1

Application : Dairy Industry.
Issue: Dryer contamination and bearding on nozzle, unstable drying process not attaining design capacity.
Solution: Applying proper nozzle configuration and internal parts.
Result: Stable process and 30-40% more production volume than design capacity.

Spray Drying 2

Application: Food Industry.
Issue: Internal parts worn after 4 - 8 hours, unstable drying process due to pressure loss on nozzles.
Solution: Selecting and applying proper material for internal parts after research wear mechanism.
Result: Stable drying process and parts are now lasting for 3+ months.


Application: Steel Industry.
Issue: Scale defects/remains on steel, unstable process and losses in production.
Solution: Exchanging old technology with newest generation nozzle technology.
Result: Stable process and 0% production loss due to scale defects.