Spray drying 1

Application  : Dairy industry.

Issue             : Dryer contamination and bearding on nozzle, unstable drying process not attaining design capacity.

Solution       : Applying proper nozzle configuration and internal parts.

Result           : Stable process and 30-40% more production volume than design capacity.

Details :
Customer approaches SWM with regard to a recently installeed, new spray dryer. The dryer walls and roof show build up of product, which eventually generates a fire, usually as an explosion. Besides this, the nozzle faces also show build up of product, i.e. bearding. This coudl also cause fire/explosions, but this also generates brown/black particles in the usuaully white powder, turning a part of production into useless product.
Customer uses the standard Delavan nozzles and internal parts of poor quality, both in finishing, as well as in selected material. The nozzles and internals were not delivered by SWM. Both these factors lead to a weak spray pattern, with streaks in it, from which the problems arise and causing the installation never to reach design capcaity.
SWM's suggested solution comprises the application of special nozzle heads, preventing the build up of product at the front side, and  selecting the proper material and finishing for the internal parts. Direct after application it was visible that the spray patterns were 100% as they should be.
Within 1 week the installation runs stable and the investment in the nozzle and parts were earned back.
After 3 months of stable production it became clear that the output of the installation reached a 30-40% higher level than designed for.
An extra advantage:
The use of cheap wear parts of poor quality caused a high exchange rate, only attaining a life time of maximum one month. At moderately higher cost customer now has a stable process, in which the wear resistant parts only need to be exchanged twice per year.
Spray nozzle bearding / mediocre spray pattern.