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Reliable & Experienced
Welcome at SWM - specialist in all kinds of nozzle techniques.
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SWM offers all the commonly used nozzles at affordable prices.

Standard quality - ultra low pricing!

Non-critical applications, low process value added.


Various applications, loads of configuration options when it comes to capacities or spraying angles; SWM will be able to supply you with the proper nozzle for the job.

Robust quality - competitive pricing.

Non-critical and semi-critical applications, durability and good spray quality add value to the process.

High End-line

If in need of a nozzle at highest level of precision and durability, or when the correct nozzle for your application needs to be designed, the expertise of SWM will help to determine the perfect nozzle! 

Critical applications - high added value by delivering top shelf quality.

Customers are interested in reducing total cost of ownership.