Application  : Steel Industry.

Issue             : Scale defects/remains on steel, unstable process and losses in production.

Solution       : Exchanging old technology with newest generation nozzle technology.

Result           : Stable process and 0% production loss due to scale defects.

Details :

Everloy's second generation descaling technology has been introduced and isntalled at customer's plant, a hot strip mill, in 1994. Since then, changes in demand cause a deterioration in surface quality of the produced steel, this leads to production losses.

It is obvious that the older technology in use is not capable anymore for the higher technical demands and challenges the customer faces. The solution, however, is also obvious, as Everloy has been improving on their nozzles' performance with a major break through in descaling technology in the early 2000's, the DNX nozzle. Since then, changes kept coming, resulting in the DNEX nozzle. During a period of 2 years the old nozzles were replaced by the newest DNEX, both in rough scale breaker and finishing scale breaker.

Since the exchange no scale defects appear anymore, resulting in stable production and no losses due to scale issues.

An extra advantage:

As the DNEX nozzles generate up to 40% more erosion and 15% more impact than the previous technology, customer succeeded in reducing the water consumption by 9% for the rough and finishing scale breaker.

The target is to reduce by 9% overall on the high pressure descaling water system after implementation of DNEX technology on all intermediate stands.